We Make People
Love to Excercise

Lack of exercise is one of the main factors that affect our quality of life. The human body, like all living organisms, lives inside from traffic. The continuous transmission of energy and movement in this excellent functionally and anatomically factory, which we call the body, played the most important role that made man capable of evolving through the centuries.

Our musculoskeletal system has the same care needs as the rest of the body. Physical exercise is a necessary part of our lives. The more care we give to everything we can observe in our body, the more they want and what we do not see so that our body offers us a quality life.



The main class of our gym. A class where we continue to build on the fundamental principles of CrossFit, using the appropriate intensity and applying appropriate scaling to each trainee.


Introductory class where we learn the basics about CrossFit movements. This class is a small group with maximum capacity of 4 people.


Main purpose of this class is about learning the basics and all techniques of Olympic Weightlifting.

Open Gym

A time where trainees can come to work out on their own, always respecting the classes that may running at that time, the equipment and the general rules of the gym.


Comming Soon…


Comming Soon…

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